Longboat Explainer Video

Project Description

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Commercial Voice Over Client:

Longboat is a cloud based platform that provides guided compliance for clinical trials.

The team is comprised of highly experienced clinical research professionals, physicians, and technology experts dedicated to generating better study outcomes by providing site staff with the information they need, when they need it – Guided Compliance™. As the pioneers in the development of assisted protocols, a unique skill set allows Longboat to create innovative and transformational technologies that are integral in bringing novel medicines to patients and their families sooner.

Narrator Voice Project:

Michael was hired as the narrator voice for this technical explainer video, guiding potential users through the Site Engagement Dashboard and all of its features.  Longboat desired a male voice artist with a professional, yet conversational tone.


“Michael was very professional and helpful from beginning to end. He paid close attention to requested edits and returned orders very promptly. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a voice over artist.”

Narrator Voice Transcript:

“When people ask, how do you manage your clinical trials?…You probably think of the site staff to be trained, the sites to be monitored, and that whole network of busy people who need a “heads up” at any given moment. But what you may not know, is that with Longboat, there’s another way. Longboat’s mobile enabled training gives site staff twenty-four-seven access to all the information they need about the trial’s design, the drug, visit procedures and patient recruitment – the perfect preparation for investigator meetings. Longboat’s risk engagement dashboard shows you overall and individual site performance all in one place, so that you can focus on those that need extra help and support. Send out alerts about new amendments, training, documents, and trial updates right when you need to, and with Longboat’s one-click “Read and Understood” functionality, you can be sure the message is received loud and clear. So next time, when people ask, how do you manage your clinical trials? Just think, Longboat. To get started, request a demo at www dot longboat dot com”