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Micro-vacations for the entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult. It’s full of long hours, endless plates to spin, and if you’re at the start of a new venture that needs constant nurturing, no “real” vacations.  As winter descends upon us, the desire to escape to turquoise waters, warm sand, and limited cell reception...

What does it mean to be authentic?

We hear it all the time, Be authentic. People want authenticity. But what does that mean? How do we live by it? And why should we care about living authentically? For myself, the search for authenticity actually started with a quest for something else entirely: fame, admiration, and power. A...

Surviving the Creative Life

Creativity.  Ah, that beautiful place.  Some call it “flow” - a state in which the creator and the universe become one.  All the distractions melt away and you’re fully present with whatever is in front of you - a project, your client, maybe even your Excel spreadsheet!

Owning Your Voice in Voiceover and in Life

What Blocks Self Expression?

I can vividly recall sitting in the lounge area of my first voiceover workshop, getting to know the other students.  Classroom-type settings have historically not been very easy for me.  I sat there nervously, waiting for my turn to introduce myself.  Pulse racing, hands clammy. When my turn to...