Voice Over Services

Comprehensive Selection of Voice Over Services

Offering a holistic solution to all your male voice over needs, Michael has a strong track record of delivering exceptional, professional voice over talent to a wide range of projects. Whether you want a smooth, polished narrator voice or cartoon voice overs, Michael’s versatile services will provide the answer. Benefiting from a strong background in acting, Michael brings significant talent and creativity to every project he undertakes. Learn more about some of these different types of voice overs:

Animation Voice Actors Can Transform Your Piece Of Work

Animation isn’t just for cartoons! Used correctly, an animation voice over can make your message more memorable, more engaging and ultimately enable it to stick in the minds of more people for longer. Having performed voice over cartoons, explainer voice over animation, and in video games, Michael offers a unique perspective on any projects where video game voice actors or cartoon voice actors are required to bring characters to life.

Give Your TV or Radio Voice Over Some Added Impact

Radio is a place where voice over actors can really come into their own. Limited by sometimes only audio, your ad should invoke an experience carried through the airwaves that can awakens all five senses. Michael loves embracing this challenge and finding new ways to channel his energy effectively to succeed in this act of alchemy. As one of the leading male voice actors in the country, Michael will give your commercial voice over all the appeal and flavor it needs.

Hire Voice Actors Now to Bring Your Project to Life

Michael is available now and excited to discuss your project. If you’ve looking for a voice over from a professional performer and curious human being who will be able to deliver an engaging experience for both you and your audience, get in touch at (612) 405-6654 or click here to discuss your requirements in more detail.