Commercial Voice Over

The Right Commercial Voice Over Can Make a World of Difference

If you’ve ever listened to a radio commercial or watched a TV ad that really grabbed your attention, you’ll have some idea of just how powerful the right type of voice over can be. For anyone that wants a commercial voice over that will engage their chosen audience and convey the message clearly and in an appealing manner, Michael can help. With significant experience in providing voice over services for a diverse selection of clients, Michael is ideally placed to give your voice over project the impact it needs.

Radio Voice Over That’s Tailored to Your Requirements

No two businesses have exactly the same message; each has its own character, set of values and ethos. Michael treats each project with careful, customized service, altering the pace, style and tone of his delivery to complement the image you want to convey. From low key, informative speaking to animated, cartoon voice overs, Michael’s versatility is one of his key strengths that he brings to every project.

Professional Commercial Voice Over

It’s always helpful to deal with someone that knows what they’re doing. As a seasoned actor and performer, Michael understands the importance of attention to detail, punctuality, dependability and adequate preparation. Always wanting to add value, Michael’s creative and entrepreneurial skills enable him to give plenty of insightful advice and suggestions.

A Good Radio Voice Over Gets Results

Using the right voice for your commercial can really make a difference. If you want to give your next radio or TV ad a polished, high-caliber voice over that really gets noticed, it’s time to get in touch with Michael. To find out more or to discuss your requirements, click here or call (612) 405-6654.

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