Voiceover Narration Services

The Right Narrator Voice Can Really Make a Difference

Whether you’re producing a documentary, creating a product video or making an educational piece, ensuring you have clear, engaging narration is vital. Providing a versatile solution for a wide range of narration needs, Michael’s ability to dive in and understand the intricacies of different worldviews, markets, products and services leads to a compelling and connected voice over.

A Reliable, Dependable Narrator Voice

Michael combines significant vocal talent with professionalism, technical knowledge and a desire to make every project his best yet. A swift learner and intuitive listener, he’s used to working efficiently without sacrificing quality or attention. After a brief intake and discussion, he’ll quickly grasp the project requirements and creative vision, then set off to begin crafting the voice over to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a dependable partnership with an artist that will work diligently to deliver exactly what you’re looking for, you’re in luck.

Creative, Inventive Narration

With a strong entrepreneurial streak and bountiful stream of inspiration, Michael finds joy in working with clients to design a custom tailored voice over that gives them the outcomes they’re looking for, and beyond. Whether you’ve produced a number of different voice over projects over the years, or are embarking on this journey for the for the first time, Michael will do his best to understand your objectives and ensure the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Appealing Narrator Voice Available Now

Kickstarter videos, tradeshow presentations, documentaries, interactive kiosks, and more. No matter what type of narration you need, Michael can get the job done properly. Having worked with a number of prestigious companies in the past, Michael has an enviable portfolio of past successes. To find out more or to discuss your project in more detail, click here or call (612) 405-6654.

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